Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Best Strategies for Startup Launch Marketing Part 2

In the previous part 1, we have seen some pre-launch strategies for startups for brick as well as online adventures. Keeping the thread continue in this current part, we will check further strategies as pre-launch.

Online pre-launch strategies:
Creating Landing Pages and Final Version of Website

  • Now, as the next step you can create your landing pages in the lab and you can get them on testing servers if you are creating buzz for your brick store only without unveiling full scale website
  • Begin optimization of your landing pages or website especially for online businesses using modern strategies and technologies like SEO, SMO, Performance Optimization, Conversion Optimization, etc.
  • Now integrate code of search engine analytics tools like Google Analytics, Bing, etc, as per their guidelines
  • Finally, integrate social media tools and other plug-ins, extensions, 3rd party tools for Internet marketing

Activities Just before Launch of Startup:
Once your website or landing page is ready and published on the web, begin its Internet marketing by initiating following activities:

  • Write a compelling and informative press release regarding to your release, its date, and time of release.
  • Create off page content like blogs, articles, etc. and post them on good ranking as well as reputed directories or sites
  • Do some social bookmarking of those links with unique meta data
  • Spread their links and some viral messages on social media like Twitter, Facebook pages, and G+ pages.
  • Take part or create funny and engaging contests online and spread your ads there
  • Begin email marketing using modern tools like MailChimp and get feedback
  • Prepare robust and appealing videos of your startup and products or services and upload it on YouTube like audio visual media to get your launch viral

Release Day Strategies
Now, it is time to release your startup and unveils your product, as a brick store or as online storefront, and begins the process of creating your buzz by following simple marketing strategies given below.
  • Now start posting all aforementioned content you have prepared in pre-release step
  • Schedule tweets and emails so you can inform your relevant audience about your launch and engage them further
  • Link submission on list and directory sites to augment your content submitted on various blogs, articles, and press release directories as well as get some back links for SEO purpose
  • Submit links and news in media and social media to bring more traffic and lure your prospective customers through your transparency and commitments of services
  • Attend feedback quickly if any to satisfy the curiosity of your customers or visitors

Post-Release Strategies
If you think once, the launch is finished. Your marketing is over, but that may prove a big mistake in itself. Since, the post launch period is the real buzz time and marketing time, and it may continue forever for your business growth.
  • Now, you should be courteous enough and wish thanks to everyone who contributed you
  • Create buzz on social media and engage visitors more
  • Focus on support, maintenance, and update if needed. These post release care may reward you for longer and will build strong support to your branding campaigns by providing positive reviews from your satisfied and loyal customers.
  • Take some help of print and other traditional marketing methods if your budget permits

If you have good budget, you can think of mobile app release for your online business startup because it may reward you in good deal due to vast and affluent audience on handheld devices. Of course, you need to have good mobile app development company at your side like Lujayn that may help you to get good responsive web designing services at premium rates.

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