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Assure a Successful Email Marketing Campaign Part 5

Educational Email Designing
Educational Email Designing at Lujayn
In previous part 4 of this series, we have explore the transactional types of email marketing development and email marketing techniques.

Now, in this part, we hope to cover the most under-utilized types of email, educational message types of email marketing.
Yes, we are missing the best opportunities that can avail simply by shooting our educational emails at regular intervals to the new subscribers as well as our loyal patrons.

It is true that we are highly relying on promotional types of email marketing much to acquire customers, but seldom think that simply depicting our services in such a manner that get introduction to the services you provide and those indeed help to solve the problems of many companies (B2B) and many individuals (B2C) alike.

How Lujayn Design Educational Emails

Since the educational types of emails need in-depth and the most relevant type of content, we create a layout that represent the snippets of the real content located on the web using its links. We also add the most relevant image that truly represent the message of the linked content. Finally, we give heading and taglines to those content blocks in effective manners using the most appropriate keywords. Check our image of Monster’e educational emails.
We create relevancy of your services that can solve the problems of readers carefully with your content like articles, blogs, white papers, infographics, or specially made educational materials on the web for your company/brand such as video, free webinars, presentations, etc.

Since we have space limitations in emails, we design in compact manners and keep content intuitive and triggering interests through bit-sized info. Thus, we force reader to click the link or button to get more info from your original content located on the web.
No doubt, we add mini-promotions in educational emails, but take care to keep it subtle and unfocused through designing and content depicting techniques.

Email designers at Lujayn can design such educational emails for before sale or after sale purposes too. We know how to educate visitors before launching a product and after launch. We also can design services and maintenance or product usage education emails for our patrons with latest HTML5, CSS, and advance scripts. Our ways of delivering educational email messages are distraction free and entice readers to click emails from the inbox to reach at the given links.

Assure a Successful Email Marketing Campaign Part 6

Event-based Email Designing at Lujayn
Event-based Email Designing at Lujayn
In previous part 5 of this series, we have explore the educational email types of email designing for your email marketing campaigns. Now, in this part I would like to introduce you with the business event-based and personal occasion-based email marketing and email designing.

Business Event-based Email Designing at Lujayn

In traditional and modern businesses many events take place such as conferences, seminars, product and services unveils, presentations, and webinars. Most of them are local and involve physical participations, while in case of enterprises they are global and involving big audience. Virtual events are not exceptions here. Therefore, we need run event based email marketing to make our events successful.

Trigger Email Campaign

However, event driven email campaign is differing many ways from the rest of email marketing types because unlike regular email marketing we need not to crafts the emails before and send them to selected groups of recipients with a schedule. In event-based email designing, we have to announce first our events loudly.

Afterwards, invite people to register proactively. Thus, we can know who is arriving and how as well as for which purposes at business side. Whereas recipient may know, which brands  inviting them and what they will get there, along with incentives offered by various brands in a big participation event.

Since the data of participants or invitees should collect dynamic ways using websites or emails themselves, our tech job is increasing heavily in case of event driven email campaign. As we have to add, database related actions in emails and corresponding websites at designing and programming levels, and the whole campaign becomes a trigger-based email design with adequate knowledge of latest scripting including mobile technologies.

Lujayn has talented skilled email designers for such challenging programming techniques using responsive and native mobile touch based JavaScript and jQuery scripts with great experiences and robust designing at front end UIs.

Personal Event-based Email Designing at Lujayn

This is again differing from the business event-based email campaigns and falling in traditional types as this kind of email need a list of subscribers so we can select them to shoot our emails.

Due to stiff competitions in the market, each business have to keep itself on the top of their visitors and patrons using various marketing and goodwill building techniques. Wishing birthday or anniversary event of subscribers on time bases may help you a lot for long run.

Lujayn is using pre-collected data of the website visitors and subscribers or previous customers to know their birthdate, marriage, marriage anniversary, and other such delightful events of their personal lives to shoot such emails.

Expert email designers or web designers know how to decorate their email in contexts of the personal occasions or events and offer appropriate good wishes. Moreover, they offer various gifts through various Internet marketing techniques and keep the memory of brands alive in the minds of people once interacted with them. However, gathering birthdate is easy through signup process, but marriage and anniversary events dates need extra efforts using social media sites.

Advantages of Events Email Designing at Lujayn

Since we are web and mobile designing company, we have enough expertise to collect recipient data efficiently and rapidly through your website/web application or mobile apps. Thus, you need not to go elsewhere and spend extra bucks on your event driven email campaigns.

Technically, we help you in following ways:
  • Our event email templates or custom designs allow you to setup event emails as per your needs so you can make announcements, registrations, confirmations, and reminders for your particular events with unique names and designs.
  • We permit you to modify existing event emails campaign for new relevant events. As we know that very few modifications make previously used email templates viable for new events too. Therefore, we design you emails such cost-effective ways.
  • We allows you to collect and select unique email recipients for your event email campaigns.
  • We include many features for event organizer body friendly manners so event organizers can include their details and dynamic buttons to know the choices of participants upfront. Moreover, they can get relevant copy of responses coming from the recipients through proper email routings.
  • We allow you to schedule your event emails dispatch in smart and selective/personalized manners so you can send your emails before events and leaving enough time gaps to prepare participants.
  • Finally, we offer great analytics abilities to your event email campaigns through inclusion of latest and appropriate email analytical tools.

What need you more now? If anything specific to your business, please fill up our enquiry forms and get quick response for your email or relevant web designing needs.

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