Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Working with and Building Modal Windows in Web Design Part 3

In previous part 2, we have discussed regarding the use cases of the modal windows in UI designing for web and mobile. Now, in this final and concluding part, I am going to give you some useful hints for usability and styling practices as well as trends you are going to build modal windows in your web designing projects.

Designing Blur and Fade out Background
As we have seen previously that modal windows usually for immediate actions and seek immediate attentions. Therefore, it is essential to highlighting modal windows through appropriate designing and scripting techniques. Recent trends show that background fading or blurring are highly used techniques to reduce obstacles in readability and attention grabbing.
Moreover, blurred or faded background gives clear indications of separations from the original web page or screen. This way, users have no visual clues to divert their attentions. Of course, giving heavy fade is not desirable practice, as users shouldn’t confuse that original page has gone. I think web designers shouldn’t go above 75% fade or blur of the background.

Designing Drop Shadow
In case of small modal windows or windows with less importance or users has to read or see the content of original page/screen in order to fill up info in modal windows, background fade or blur is not recommended. Therefore, designers take different approach to give separation effect to the windows by giving it drop shadow effects. This three dimensional visual clue grab attention of users and give opportunity to address the content or needs depicted on the modal windows with the least interferences.

Designing Exit Strategies
We know pop-ups are considering worst for user experiences so always give distinguish exit methods/clues to the users on modal windows and save them from becoming enemies of UX and usability. There are three popular designing methods of exit strategies like:

  •  X-button on the top corner of the window
  • Click outside the modal window
  • Esc button as keyboard shortcut 

Don’t forget to make them obvious and try to apply more than one method so users have freedom to use any.

Disabling All Other Functions
If you are not fading out or blurring the background of modal windows, you should disable the all-existing functions on the screen except scrolling so users can read/see entire modal windows in tiny screens too. Disabling gives better separation if you want users to see or read the background page/screen for some purposes.

Designing Transition/Animation Effect
If you give subtle animation to the modal windows and give them fading in and out like transition effects, you can win hearts of users and solve your purposes of creating better modal windows.

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Author Bio:
Shoaib Marfatiya is an eminent writer in web development industry and its verticals. He has contributed a lot by throwing lights on very intricate issues of web and mobile development community.

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